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A TRAIL event is IN the woods ON trails!!! Trail events are not on roads, rails-to-trails, golf courses or bike paths. They are not about thousands of monotonous steps on asphalt, There are no mile markers, water stations every 2 miles, hugs from mommy, or water-misting machines. There are no prizes, age groups, or awards. There are no 3% grade hills for people to brag about because there will be 55% grades that people will want to forget. Put four of those into an event and your "Heartbreak" will turn to "Heartburn".

A Trail event requires a person to climb steep hills, run through cold streams, hop over logs, duck under branches, and descend down rocky single track paths.

A Trail event will make a person run for miles over rocks, roots, and mud. Finding level ground is a rarity.

There are animals such as bears,deer and coyotes. There are snakes, black flies, mosquitos, deer flies and ticks. Welcome to Pennsylvania!!!

There will be scrapes, bruises, and deflated egos. The word "pace" has no relevance in a trail event. Throwing your watch away may save you some frustration. A GPS that shows elevation changes may just show you how tough you really are!!! 

And most importantly, TRAIL events are more about the challenge than the numbers on your watch!! Trail running is about the overall experience and camaraderie. Its about sitting around the finish line and trading stories with one another. Its about cheering everyone on as they come across the finish line. And lastly,  its about making hundreds of new friends!!